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Nothing quite compares to a really good cape—except, perhaps, a really good cloak or robe, but really, they are all quite similar, so they may as well all count for the same thing. And lucky for you, Dark Knight Armoury carries a fantastic number of attractive and high-quality cloaks, capes, and robes.

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of a nice cape or medieval cloak is that if you have done your work correctly, a cape is an easy addition to any outfit and can be tied in place or closed with a brooch.

Find Premium Medieval Cloaks, Capes, and Robes

Many of our capes, cloaks, and robes are made from fabrics like cotton, velvet, or twill, and since they are available in a variety of styles, there is, assuredly, a cape, cloak, or robe that fits your look and need. A plain cape goes great with almost any medieval look, whereas our knightly capes and cloaks, like our Crusader capes, Templar cloaks, and Hospitaler cloaks, complement a knight’s or warrior’s look wonderfully. 

We even have Spartan capes, wizard cloaks, and Jedi robes! Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we like variety, and for that reason, we carry a variety of medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy-themed capes, cloaks, and robes.

Check Out Medieval Cloaks, Capes, and Robes at Dark Knight Armoury

And if you’re a fan of cosplaying or reenactments in Renaissance festivals, you know that it’s not just the personality and the dialogue lines that make a performance good enough to impress a passionate crowd. Every thoughtful detail, even in your Renaissance capes, medieval cloaks, and other similar types of clothing, helps you get into character, so be sure you get only the best costumes and accessories. Browse our collection now!


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