The Vikings were Norse or Scandinavian people famous for being pirates, explorers, and merchants who raided and colonized areas in Europe. Norsemen used their longships or Viking ships to travel as far as Russia, North Africa, and North America, spreading their culture and engraving their legend on history. The main period of Viking exploration is known as the Viking Age. Viking weapons and armor indicated a Norsemans social status. A wealthy Viking would own a Viking helmet, Viking shield, chainmail shirt and a coat made from animal skin or reindeer hides. A poorer Viking may only own a single weapon and a shield. The Viking shield and spear were the basic armaments of a warrior, while others would carry a knife known as a seax, a bow, or a Viking axe. We carry an excellent selection of Viking merchandise, including reenactment clothing, Viking jewelry, historical coins, Viking statues, and a variety of Norse weapons.

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