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Nothing quite welcomes you home to your metaphorical castle like a suit of armor standing in the entry hall! Dark Knight Armoury is your number-one provider for all manner of pieces of decorative armour, ranging from singular pieces like decorative breastplates and gauntlets to impressively detailed full suits of decorative armour. Virtually every decorative piece of armour you see is historically accurate, at least in shape, and often features attractive furnishings that transform a typical piece of medieval protection into a stunning work of art. Our decorative gauntlets are a small touch, adding a bit of medieval style to virtually any decor they are placed in, while our breastplates are a bit larger, acting as great wall-hanging decoration, either on its own or over a sword or other medieval weapon. And for the true enthusiast, nothing looks quite as impressive as a full suit of armor, standing against the wall as a part of either your home decor, your office decor, or as a theater or display prop. Please note that all pieces of decorative armour are for display only, as many pieces feature intricate designs and detailing that render the pieces too pretty to be used in combat without defacing the item. It does not matter how you are looking to decorative, because whether you are looking for something that is little, big, or outright huge, you are sure to find a great touch of medieval style and influence right here in the Decorative Armour section at Dark Knight Armoury.


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