What is a kilt, exactly? Originally, the kilt was a traditional piece of attire for men and boys in the Scottish Highlands, which is why kilts are most often associated with Scottish heritage. Kilts eventually fell out of style as a common garment, although in recent years, the Scottish kilt has been making a slow but steady comeback, not only as fair attire but also as an alternative for men to wear on a daily basis. The Scottish kilts offered here at Dark Knight Armoury are recreations of the historical kilt. They are pleated in the back, although we have sewn the pleats for your convenience, and they also come in a variety of tartan patterns. We even offer a few examples of the great kilt, which was the forerunner to the kilt as it is known today. Today, Scotsmen and non-Scotsmen alike can enjoy a nice kilt. They can be worn in celebration of Scottish holidays and heritage, as a part of a costume for a fair, or just because a kilt is actually pretty comfortable.


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