Female Medieval Armor

Throughout history and even in works of fiction, women have fought valiantly beside men on the battlefield for ages, defending their homes and joining military incursions, wearing a reliable suit of armor and wielding powerful weapons for protection. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we believe that women should have an equally expansive selection of high-quality armor to choose from when creating their fighting ensemble. 

Transform into a Formidable Woman Warrior

We carry excellent pieces of leather corsets, bracers, gauntlets, harnesses, skirts, greaves, tassets, and more. You won’t have to worry about finding the period-appropriate clothes and gear to complete your clothing ensemble. Designed for the female form, our female leather armor appears in a range of different styles, including striking fantasy pieces, and some are styled after those of the legendary Valkyries!

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Looking for an armor set to wear for LARP events, theatrical performances, and Renaissance festivals? Check out our diverse assortment of armor, clothes, and accessories. These pieces of female armor will make it simple for you to transform yourself into a lady knight, a war goddess, or a Viking shield maiden, making the portrayal of your character more effective and convincing. Take a moment to browse this category to see the latest pieces that have been added.


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