Glass Potion Bottles & Holders

You might look at one of these Glass Potion Bottles and scoff at the notion, but trust us when we say that you’ll regret not having one. Whether you’re in the realms of high fantasy or historical accuracy, anyone can make effective use of one of our impressive Glass Potion Bottles. Intrepid adventurers of all sorts will find that these glass bottles are virtually indispensable, whether kept filled or empty. Many of the glass bottles you’ll find here are available in different hues, allowing you to retain a color scheme to your outfit or ensemble. And many of them also feature attractive, hand-crafted holders that attach right to your belt, allowing for easy retrieval. Each glass potion bottle is good for dozens of uses, ranging from holding magic potions that restore your health and vigor to capturing mystic little fairies. You can even store fairy dust or vampire ash in them, as well as anything else that’s powdered, crystalized, or liquefied that you might want to carry around with you! The usefulness of our Glass Potion Bottles are nearly unmatched, if only because each and every bottle you find in this category will allow you to carry around whatever fluids, powders, or tiny creatures that you might need in a medieval setting.


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