Scabbards & Sheaths

We have pre-made leather scabbards for swords, so that your weapons can stay safe when not in use. All of our leather scabbards are made of top quality grain leather and are either riveted or sewn together. If your sword did not come with a leather scabbard, well you are in luck because we have a variety of them. Scabbards are a great way to carry your LARP sword around with you and also protects the blade section from getting damaged. Our LARP scabbards are made from durable vegetable tanned leather and the inside throat of the scabbard is lined with thick faux fur to protect the coating on your LARP sword when you slide it in and out of the scabbard. These are sharp looking scabbards. With adjustable belt straps you can control the angle at which your sword hangs. Available for left or right handed draws. We have scabbards that will accommodate daggers, medium length swords and long swords.


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