Arming Clothes

Armor is not designed specifically to be comfortable. In armor, protection trumps comfort every time, which is why at Dark Knight Armoury, we sell a diverse array of effective and attractive pieces of arming clothes. Arming clothes is traditionally serves two purposes. It adds a layer of padding between armor and the person underneath and it also provides a secondary layer of limited protection. As additional padding, gambesons and arming caps serve to prevent armor from pinching, chaffing and otherwise causing extreme discomfort in the wearer. They also add additional bulk, which ensures the armor fits snugly and securely. Arming clothes like gambesons, arming caps, and arm and leg padding can also act as limited protection. Thickly padded arming wear can act as a sort of dampener, cushioning the impact of glancing blows. Our arming clothes comes in a variety of styles and has a variety of uses, and any of our gambesons or other arming wear can be worn with metal or leather armor without issue. And with styles fit for crusaders, knights, woodsmen, vigilantes, and everything in between, you will be hard pressed to find a selection of arming wear as impressive as Dark Knight Armourys.

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