Padded Arming Caps and Mantles

Helmets may protect your head, but what protects your head from a helmet? A padded arming cap, of course! Dark Knight Armoury has a number of incredible helmets available, and not all of them are made exclusively for comfort. If you are considering a helmet, then you might want to consider an arming cap as well. A padded arming cap is a wonderful accessory that adds a layer of padding between your helm and your head. Without an padded arming cap, a metal or leather helmet can chafe or pinch, catching on stray hairs or rubbing areas of skin uncomfortably. A padded arming cap prevents this, and additionally adds extra bulk to your skull, ensuring that not only is your head padded, but your helmet is also snugly fitted. Padded arming caps are also great for cold weather. They could be loosely viewed as medieval warrior earmuffs. So if you have got a helm that is rubbing you the wrong way, then you should get a padded arming cap and wear your helm in comfort as soon as possible.


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