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Dark Knight Armoury has the finest custom armor around! We design custom, hand-crafted legal armour for SCA and live action role-playing events. Our leather armour will provide protection for you in role-playing events or make you that unique person at a medieval faire. Dark Knight Armoury crafts all our leather armor out of 7/8 ounce or 13/15 ounce top grain, quality armour leather and comes in a variety of colors and sizes; some items are made to the measurements that you specify.

Dark Knight Armoury has handcrafted leather arm armour which includes arm bracers and wrist bracers for lower arm protection. Arm bracers are the most common forms of protection in swordfighting or finishing off a medieval clothes outfit. The most popular arm bracers we carry are plain leather bracers, Celtic leather arm bracers, Viking leather bracers and studded leather arm bracers. For upper arm protection we carry pauldrons and spaulders made of high grade leather. Pauldrons are layered plates that start at the top of the shoulder and run down the arm toward the elbow. For those reenactors that are looking for an item that provides complete arm protection we have full arm armor. Complete full leather arm armor protects from the shoulders to the wrist area, even the elbow is protected. Finally, we have leather gauntlets that cover the hands for swordfighting. Dark Knight Armoury also has leather gloves which provide better handling of your sword. Leather gloves are great because they protect your sword from the sweat of your hands making your sword rust.

We have combat ready leg protection which includes the leather cuisse for the upper legs or thigh area. For the lower leg armour protection we carry leather greaves. Leather greaves are the next favorite leather armor protection after the leather arm bracers. Our leather greaves come in many different styles such as studded leather greaves, plain leather greaves and the famous berserker leather greaves. Dark Knight Armoury has the complete full leg protection which covers the thigh area to the ankle. The full leather leg armour is a combination of greaves, knee cops, and cuisse. Finally we have leather sabatons that cover the feet and are adjustable to fit over your medieval boots or shoes.

We have various types of body armour for the re-enactor in live action roleplay and SCA events. We have leather breastplates for protection of the chest and kidney area. Our leather brigandines are designed by lining the inside of suede with rigid leather plates. Our leather brigandines allow re-enactors the flexibility they need while providing protection to the upper body. This form of armor protection was commonly used by soldiers ranging in rank from archers to knights and were mostly used by men-at-arms. The leather harness provides complete full upper body armour that protects the chest and back, and from the shoulders to the waist line. A harness has a leather breastplate and backplate fastened together with straps and buckles. Dark Knight Armoury has many styles of leather cuirasses and leather harnesses. The most popular item is the Elven Ranger Harness that was inspired from the movie The Lord of the Rings. Other pieces of our body armour are inspired from movies like Gladiator, Braveheart, Batman and Kingdom of Heaven.

We carry leather gorgets for protection of the neck area of the reenactor. Our leather gorgets are designed to fit the contours of the neck and shoulder that is designed to provide the re-enactor the best possible protection from that sword blow. Leather mantles are constructed from 7 to 8 ounce leather. Mantles provide protection to the shoulders and the chest area just below the neck line. We carry leather neck protection from traditional medieval styles to awesomely bad fantasy styles of gorgets and mantles.

Our leather helmets are great for LARP, re-enactments, hanging out at the fair or with your SCA buddies. Choose from styles like Barbuta, German Sallet, Pig Faced Bascinet, Viking helmet, Crusader helmet, Comb Morion and Lord of the Rings inspired helmets. Most of our leather helms come one size fits all but we do have others that are designed to your measurements. Some of the leather helmets are similar to the full steel versions, but are lighter in weight, which makes it great to wear outside at the medieval faire or SCA reenactments.

We carry a full line of decorative belts, buckle belts and ring belts for that medieval outfit. Dark Knight Armoury has designed belts for both swords and rapiers. For your favorite sword, we custom make scabbards to preserve and protect the sword from normal wear and tear. We have designed leather sword frogs, axe frogs, dagger frogs and rapier frogs so a re-enactor can carry their weapon to medieval fairs, LARP and LRP events. Dark Knight Armoury carries a wide selection of medieval leather pouches from sporrans to Scottish types. Our medieval pouches were created because medieval outfits did not have pockets. Dark Knight Armoury is your source for different and unique Medieval headwear, leather headbands and crowns.

We also provide many other types of armour from the medieval era. In our catalog you will find Chainmail armour, which includes: Chainmail Coifs, Chainmail Hauberks, Chainmail Mantles and Chainmail Chausses. Our chainmail is battle ready and a necessity for all Knights, so get yourself a full suit of chainmail from Dark Knight Armoury. Dark Knight Armoury carries the most chainmail armor on the internet while providing the lowest price to our customers. Our chainmail comes in a variety of metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and blackened steel. Dark Knight Armoury has a variety of chainmail styles such as flattened chainmail, butted chainmail, and riveted chainmail.

Here at Dark Knight Armoury you’ll find steel body armor consisting of breastplates, Medieval cuirasses and harnesses. Our functional steel arm armor consists of arm bracers, elbow cops and full arms that are made from quality blackened steel. Functional leg armor consisting of greaves, knee protection, full leg and thigh armor, that will provide the best possible protection at a reasonable price. SCA neck armor has SCA gorgets and mantles. Looking for a complete set of functional armor? Well Dark Knight Armoury has full suits of armor that come in a variety of styles like Medieval Knights, Roman Soldiers and Greek Warriors.

Live Action Role-playing or LARP for short, is a form of role playing game where participants physically act out their characters. Many of the players dress up as their characters with costumes and weapons. Dark Knight Armoury supplies many of these LARP events with weapons from top manufacturers around the world. Dark Knight Armoury carries a full line of LARP weapons that include LARP axes, clubs, LARP daggers, LARP hammers, LARP maces, rapiers, LARP swords, and oriental weapons, all made to look like the real thing. Made using a new process that will last for years of play, we offer the best quality, safest ‘LARP weapons’ on the market today. We are proud to carry these LARP weapons and LARP swords, and bring what has been commonplace in European LARPing and re-enactment to the USA” These LARP swords and LARP weapons have been approved for use in the NERO International Game system in participating chapters starting August 1st 2003. Customers are encouraged to contact their local chapter before ordering.

10 Reasons to buy from Dark Knight Armoury

  1. Lowest Prices: Dark Knight Armoury offers the lowest prices anywhere on the internet.
  2. Great Customer Service: Dark Knight Armoury notifies our customers and updates them on their orders by both phone and email.
  3. Convenient Payment Methods: Dark Knight Armoury takes all forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and Money Orders.
  4. Large Inventory: Dark Knight Armoury operates out of a 30,000 square foot warehouse and has lots of product on hand for convenient same or next day shipping on 1,000’s of items.
  5. New and Exciting Products Loaded Weekly: We have created a new products page so that you can see what we have loaded on our website in the last 30 days.
  6. Secure Shopping Cart: Dark Knight Armoury makes shopping easy and fun with a customer friendly, and most importantly, a secure shopping cart.
  7. Lowest Shipping Cost: Dark Knight Armoury has the cheapest ground shipping rates of any Medieval internet site.
  8. Highest Quality Products: Dark Knight Armoury only sells authentic and licensed items, no fakes or imitations.
  9. Easy layout design and navigation: We have organized our website for ease of use and finding the products you are looking for! You can even check the availability of items right on our website.
  10. Always Keeping Up with Our Customers: We are active on Facebook, we have an RSS feed, and Newsletters to keep you informed of sales, promotions, releases, new items and discontinued products.
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