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Shoes have been a staple of civilization for hundreds of years, if not for thousands of years. From the lowliest of serf to the most elegant of nobility, everyone has basically always had some sort of footwear available to them. And here at Dark Knight Armoury, we have available for your purchasing pleasure a number of boots and period shoes that are certain to perfectly accent your chosen look whatever it may be. You will find pirate boots and gothic boots here, as well as Steampunk shoes and medieval footwear of all shapes and sizes. Boots are always a great choice and we have several different styles of medieval boots available for men, women, and children, and if you are not going for a medieval look, we have plenty of pirate boots, gothic boots, and Steampunk boots to fit your needs as well. And that is not even counting all of our other footwear. We have Roman sandals of all sorts, medieval shoes fit for peasants, soldiers, and princesses, and even Steampunk heels for almost any occasion! Almost all of our shoes are made from suede, synthetic leather, or real leather, and every piece is a quality item that is great for fair wear not to mention great for reenactments, costumes, and other themed events. Virtually all of our boots and period shoes are fantastic for completing a variety of outfits and looks, so do not think for a second that we do not have what you might need. Kick off your shoes and glance through Dark Knight Armourys boots and period shoes, because you might find something that is better then what you already have.

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