Children's Footwear

It would be a gross level of neglect for Dark Knight Armoury to not carry a great assortment of kids boots and shoes. Why? Because even children deserve to have the best footwear to complete their costume. It does not matter what the costume is for. Whether it is for a great Halloween costume, a stylish new look for a costume party, or anything involved with a fair or festival with historical roots, Dark Knight Armoury has a number of incredible children sized boots and shoes that are appropriate for all those looks, and more! Here you will find medieval-themed boots and shoes that will make your little boy look like a knight and your little girl look like a princess. And we have pirate boots, too, for the young child who dreams of adventures on the high seas. There are even gothic styled boots and witch heels, which are fantastic for a Halloween costume or everyday accessories, because, after all, any day is a great day for dress up.


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