Wizard Robes

Because armor is for people not smart enough to avoid getting hit in the first place! Mystics, magicians, and wizards alike all need an impressive cloak to showcase their status as a world-renowned spellcaster – or at least one that’s a legend in their own mind. Dark Knight Armoury comes to the rescue, proudly presenting to you a wonderful array of wizard robes, cloaks, cowls, and so much more!

The humble robe couldn’t be more simple – when it comes right down to it, putting one on is similar to just wrapping yourself in a sheet of cloth. That’s exactly what they were at first, of course – until human civilization began to develop sewing and cutting tools to create things like hems, sleeves, hoods, and fasteners. Since then, robes and cloaks have become one of the most popular outer garments ever, lasting well through the Middle Ages and through today, represented by the simple bathrobe.

Of course, we’re not talking about the type of robes you’d wrap yourself in after getting out of the shower. Oh, no – each wizard robe and cape in our collection is a top-quality item and makes an easy addition to any costume. Whether you’re looking for garb for your LARP character, a perfect piece for your next outing to the Renaissance faire, or just something to wear around the house (why not?), we’ve got you covered. Our wizard costume collection — robe and all — come in a variety of fabrics, from cotton canvas to velvet and more, ensuring a comfortable fit and a rugged design that will last you for years to come. 

Magic knows no bounds, and neither do these wizard robes! Both men and women can work the eldritch arts after all, so our garb features a unisex robe design so you can become a powerful magician no matter the, ahem, size of your wand. Or even if you don’t have one at all! Not only that, but our costume designs come in many different colors, giving you even more options when it comes to being the most well-dressed wizard on the block. With our great costume variety, there is sure to be a wizard robe or costume that fits your look and needs.

Shop high-quality wizard robes to enchant your audience with style

So step into the enchanted world of wizardry with our wizard costume and other fun LARP items. We offer only the highest quality wizard costumes in different colors and styles from the simple cotton robe to the more elaborate sorcerer robe set complete with a hood and a belt. The dress and robe are available in a range of sizes and feature intricate details, while the hood and belt add a touch of magic and authenticity. We take shipping seriously and offer fast and reliable options, so you can get your wizard robe on time.

Of course, we’re much more than just wizard robes and cloaks here at Dark Knight Armoury. We’re your one-stop-shop for all medieval fantasy and reenactment garb, weapons, armor, decor, jewelry, and accessories as well! So what are you waiting for? Stop by and browse this fantastic array of wizard robes today!


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