Just because you are going to dress in medieval or Renaissance clothing does not mean you have to be struggling with movement or itches. You can pull off a historically accurate look without sacrificing either style or comfort. Ladies, pick up one of Dark Knight Armoury’s medieval and Renaissance chemises, which will add that traditional look and shape to your medieval or Renaissance outfit. A chemise is basically a loose dress, specifically, a one-piece undergarment that is often used as an undershirt or shift for women, in medieval or Renaissance-style fashion, and it is made with breathable fabric like cotton or linen.

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Looking for a medieval chemise or a Renaissance chemise? We have full-length gown chemises, waist-length chemises, short-sleeved chemises, bell-sleeved chemises, long-sleeved chemises, and they all come in various styles and colors. Chemises can be used as a classic undershirt, or they can be paired with a bodice or a corset for a classic pirate-wench look. You can even wear our chemises off the shoulder. It really just depends on how sassy you are feeling.

If you’re a reenactor or a cosplayer searching for the right Renaissance gown or medieval chemises to complete your costume, browse our extensive collection now!


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