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What does a bodice or corset actually say about a woman and her outfit? Well, at Dark Knight Armoury, words like sleek, stylish, and sultry come up quite often in reference to our womens bodices and corsets. Our bodices, corsets, and cinchers come in a variety of styles and serve a variety of purposes. Bodices are great for adding character to virtually any look, be it regal or peasant, whereas our corsets and cinchers are great multi-purpose items that can be worn either over or under your clothing. Over your clothing, a corset or cincher makes a great fashion statement for medieval or modern styles. Under your clothing, a corset or cincher can still offer an additional level of support and shaping. Either way, a bodice or a corset is an ultra-stylish and attractive addition to almost any look, be it medieval, Renaissance, pirate, Steampunk, gothic, or even modern. Our womens bodices and corsets go great at all manner of events, including Renaissance fairs, SCA events, and themed events and parties.


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