Lock Lace Bodice



Our Lock Lace Bodice is a superbly cut top that lifts the bust perfectly, exactly as a bodice is supposed to. Double boning in the front provides a flat profile. With a total of 54 grommets, this bodice laces up on the sides and front, allowing for custom fitting. Made of durable cotton twill and trimmed in gold gimp, this bodice is engineered to last for years. A hidden pocket keeps the four pieces of spring-steel boning in place and reinforces the front grommets.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for Wench, Pirate and Celtic looks
  • Laces up on each side and the front for custom fitting
  • All colors are reversible to Black


  • Made from 100 percent cotton twill fabric


  • WAIST: This bodice is sized in Inches, not a standard dress size. Please select the size that is closest to your natural waist line. Natural waist line is usually found right at the belly button.
  • For a more fitted look, subtract 5-6 inches from the waist measurement to find the correct bodice size needed.
  • BUST: The bodice is boned for added support and laces up to accommodate any bust size.

Bust Waist Shoulder to Shoulder Overall Length
25-27 Inch Waist 25-27 inches
28-30 Inch Waist 28-30 inches
31-33 Inch Waist 31-33 inches
34-36 Inch Waist 34-36 inches
37-39 Inch Waist 37-39 inches
40-44 Inch Waist 40-44 inches
45-49 Inch Waist 45-49 inches


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