Childrens Armor

A child in armor is not typically something you see every day, but if you shop at Dark Knight Armoury, it might just become a more familiar sight. Our childrens armor creates a ridiculously cool appearance that is great for costuming or LARPing. The armor is great, solid protection, especially if your child is involved in a live action role play. Our childrens metal armor is made from 18 gauge steel and the leather armor is made from 7-8 oz. leather both of which are perfectly capable of protecting your child from countless blows. And not only will they be protected, but they will also look very cool, like the warriors and knights that they fantasize and pretend to be. Which really means the armor is also fantastic for costume purposes. It is a great choice to dress up in for fairs, festivals, and fun. Armor does tend to get a bit uncomfortable, though, so if you do get your child some armor, a gambeson might be a good investment as well to ensure that the armor does not slip. Gambesons make wearing metal armor, in particular, more comfortable. Most of our childrens armor is designed to fit the child to preteen range, roughly ages 6 and 12. Double check the measurements offered in product descriptions to make sure you find things that fit well.


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