Medieval Shields

Shields have long been an iconic part of the medieval style. Not only are shields an ideal defense in battle that allows a warrior to deflect and block attacks, but they have also long been featured as decorations in the greatest of halls and castles. And that is precisely why Dark Knight Armoury carries a full range of impressive and effective medieval shields. And at Dark Knight Armoury, our shields are good for precisely what you would expect them to be, and that is keeping you safe and looking totally awesome, both when carried and when displayed. Just like the shields from history, our medieval shields are a diverse lot, coming in a variety of different sizes, ranging from round to elliptical to rectangular shields, and more. Our shields also feature a variety of designs and colors. Some mimic the look and feel of traditional medieval shields while others are designed to depict the symbols and seals of different medieval groups. Some even go so far as to depict the exact tinctures that knights used on their shields when jousting or going into battle! The end result is that our decorative shields feature some awesome designs that work wonders when displayed in dens, offices, or even bedrooms, while our functional shields will give any warrior the heraldry that they desire. And like their historic cousins, our medieval shields are also typically made from either wood or metal, either of which offers certain advantages. Metal shields, particularly the ones made from 16 gauge steel, are great for SCA reenactments, and are quite sturdy, being nearly impossible to split, shatter, or destroy. Wooden shields, by comparison, are usually lighter and do not rust. Of course, we do not just offer only medieval shields, but we also offer shields from other eras and cultures, including Viking shields, Roman shields, Greek shields, Templar shields, crusader shields, and so much more! So if you are looking for a good, solid defense to carry into battle, or if perhaps you want something new and exciting to hang on your wall, then a good medieval shield from Dark Knight Armoury might just be exactly what you need.

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