Medieval Wooden Shields

For a truly authentic experience, there is no better way to arm yourself than to carry along a wooden shield, delivered to you by Dark Knight Armoury. A wooden shield has advantages that steel shields do not offer, yet such a shield still features the detail you would come to expect from a quality Dark Knight Armoury product! Not only that, but wooden shields from our collection will offer you the protection that you would expect out of any fully functional medieval shield. 

As far as wooden shields are concerned, one of their greatest advantages is that a wooden shield is generally much lighter than a steel one, which is a real blessing when it comes to carrying around a shield all day in the hot sun or the pouring rain. These wooden shields are also quite strong, so you have still got every bit as good a defense with a stout shield from our collection as you would have had with a steel shield. They are fantastic to carry around as a part of your perfect costume, as well as great for use in sparring contests and training matches. Wood shields also will not rust like metal shields will, nor do they require the same level of care that a metal shield might, giving them a much longer shelf life.  

Our wooden shield collection includes products in a variety of shapes and sizes, echoing the looks of classic medieval shield designs like round shields, kite shields, and heater shields, as well as more classic designs like Greek shields, Roman shields, Celtic targes, fencing bucklers, and much more. And add in that many also feature stunning designs, like heraldries and classic symbols, which are painted and sealed onto the surface of the wood, and you have a series of medieval collectables that will not only keep you safe in a fight but will also look just as great hanging on your wall! 

Dark Knight Armoury has wooden Templar shields, wooden knight shields, wooden Greek shields, wooden kite shields, and shields bearing the heraldries of kings like Richard the Lionheart and more. Perfect for warriors and collectors alike, our shield collection is all waiting, right here, for you to browse and enjoy. That’s not all Dark Knight Armoury offers, though – our selection of medieval reenactment and LARP weapons, armor, garb, decor, and accessories is huge. We bring you the highest quality replicas from over 200 manufacturers around the world, and we’ve been doing so since we opened our doors in 2003. There’s no better place to get what you’re looking for than Dark Knight Armoury.

 So what are you waiting for? Order your own wooden shield from us today!


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