Studded Viking Wooden Shield


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Forge your legend with Viking valor wielding the Studded Viking Wooden Shield. Defend your allies in the shield wall or storm enemy strongholds with this trusted companion piece to your armory.

A Shield Worthy of Valhalla

Whether you’re charging the fields of a historical reenactment or holding the line in an epic SCA battle, this shield is your trusty companion, a beacon of valor in the thick of combat.

This wooden Viking shield is crafted from genuine wood and Mild steel, capturing the robust, fearless spirit of the era. Hand forged Mild steel guarantees durability, ensuring it can protect you in battle.

Firstly, the 30 inch diameter promises shoulder to leg coverage for protecting your vitals in heated combat. Secondly, a strong Mild steel boss, reinforced by six rivets, will anchor your warrior shield in the center.

Thirdly, the intricate studding not only adds a touch of superior handiwork, it assures durability on lengthy campaigns. Whether you’re a skald or fierce Valkyrie, this studded shield ensures you have the strength of a Giant thanks to a center wooden handle with metal rivets. To be clear, the metal studs form a cross shape around the center boss, and its center circular studs contrast nicely with the outer kite-shield shaped studs.

Don Your Shield, Embrace Your Destiny

Forged with a keen eye for detail, this shield is a testament to the prowess of the Viking age. While designed for historical reenactments, this studded wooden shield is a stylish addition to any Viking-themed event. Not to mention, the rims around the shield are fashioned from mild steel, ensuring proper coverage and protection with reinforced studs.

Furthermore, its commanding presence and authentic medieval design makes it a great piece for your Viking warrior outfit. In addition to being a functional shield, it can also become a great collectible for your abode. To clarify, hang this shield on a plaque to represent past glories or let it rest on a wall for a Viking-era feel.

Join the Ranks of the Shield Wall

For reenactors, SCA specialists, and stage combat performers, the wooden shield is more than equipment – it’s a timeless medieval piece.

So whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a reenactment new recruit, add this shield to your arsenal and embrace your inner Viking. Moreover, this shield is a must-have for any brave and bold warrior venturing out into the world.

Key features:

  • Mild Steel Boss and Fittings: Central to any shield’s defense, the boss and fittings will block attacks with unmatched durability.
  • Superior Defense: Boasting a 30 inch diameter, this wooden shield ensures an imposing presence and ample protection.
  • Authentic Viking Design: Every detail of the shield, including the studding and the robust wooden handle, was crafted with an eye for detail.
  • Grip of a Jotunn: The Viking warrior shield assures a firm metal and wood reinforced grip for adaptability and maneuverability.


  • Mild steel is used to make Boss and Fittings
  • Genuine wood makes the planking of the shield
  • Wood and metal rivulets makes up the center handle of the shield

Care Instructions:

  • For steel fittings: This armour will arrive to you covered in protective oil. While this oil can be removed, it must be replaced with another protective maintenance product to protect your steel armour from rusting. Occasional oiling is necessary for the proper maintenance of this armour. When storing this armour, protect it from oxidation by coating it with machine oil.


  • Diameter: 30 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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