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If you are looking for a suit of armor like they wore in the Middle Ages, then you are looking in the right place, so long as you are here, looking at Dark Knight Armoury. Here, we have everything you need to outfit yourself from head to toe in gleaming steel armor that will give you the total protection that the knights of old enjoyed when they rode into battle. Browsing through our metal armor section will show you that we do, indeed, carry quite a few pieces of armor, both as individual pieces, partial sets, and full suits of armour. This variety allows you to pick your level of protection and build on it, if you desire. This means that if you are looking for partial protection, you can browse through our selection of metal arm armor and metal leg armor to find just the pieces you want to keep your limbs safe. Add in a piece or two of metal body armor and you will be almost set for battle. Did you pick out a pair of metal steel pauldrons to wear? Well, you will need a metal steel gorget to go with it, as this will not only keep your neck safe, but it will also keep the pauldrons secured on your shoulders. You can also cut out the hassle of building your own suit and just pick up either a metal steel armor package or a full suit of armor. Our steel armor packages offer various levels of protection, ranging from minimal coverage to maximum protection, and our metal full suits of armor take that a step further, by layering you in steel that will keep you protected from virtually anything you encounter. Our metal steel armor is great for medieval reenactments, stage events, and theater productions, as it lends a touch of authenticity and realism to your look. And of course, it also goes without saying that it is perfect for SCA events and LARP battles, where you will really appreciate the level of protection that a good suit of steel can provide. Are you heading into battle any time soon? Do you want to be perfectly protected behind a suit of steel? Then you are right where you need to be, right here in the metal armor section at Dark Knight Armoury.


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