Metal Armor Packages

Dark Knight Armoury offers, by far, the easiest way to put together a complete and cohesive looking suit of armor, thanks to our numerous metal armor packages. Each one is chock-full of great pieces that are all battle-ready, ensuring that no matter which one you get, from our smallest to our biggest, you will be equipped with the protection you seek for your battles ahead. Each one of our complete armor packages offers everything you need to create a fully armored look that will no doubt intimidate your enemies and inspire your allies, all while making you feel like an authentic warrior straight out of either the medieval era or the realm of fantasy. Our full sets typically include a breastplate, a back plate, pauldrons, bracers, greaves, and a tasset belt. Specifications can vary, so you should consult the item specific item descriptions to verify what sets include and what sets do not include. Some of our other armor sets are slightly less extensive, although they are in no way less impressive, as they serve to create a lighter, yet still armored look that will perfectly accent any warrior appearance with ease. Almost all of the armor in our metal armor packages are crafted from high quality 18 gauge steel, which makes them great for use in a variety of situations, including use in LARP battles and as costume pieces. You can use them in reenactments and SCA events, although you should check with your local chapter first as rules and regulations can vary from locale to locale. Like the warriors of old did, we recommend any of our gambesons be worn underneath the armor, both for reasons of comfort and ease of movement without any pinching, as well as to add some padding for absorbing impacts. So if you want a complete armored look without all the hassle of having to assemble the armour yourself, then look no further, because the metal armor packages at Dark Knight Armoury have basically everything you will need to keep yourself protected when you head off into battle.


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