Metal Full Suits of Armor

For a level of protection that cannot be beaten, you will want to invest in one of Dark Knight Armourys metal full suits of armor. These suits of armor are modeled after the typical examples of plate armor that would have been common during the Late Middle Ages, and will give you both the protection and the look of a real knight in shining armor. These suits of steel armor and some of the finest in quality, providing an authentic look that will leave others speechless, as well as a high degree of protection that many opposing warriors will have trouble getting through. For a period of about 3 to 4 hundred years, plate armor reigned supreme as the dominant armor of the battlefield, being preferred by both cavalry and infantry. It was only the invention of flintlock that forced plate armor into a decline. Our suits of plate armor echo the look and feel of classic examples, ranging from the typical styles that were common all across Europe, including English plate armor, Gothic plate armor, and Milanese plate armor, as well as suits of armor that are modeled after the armor favored by certain kings, princes, and other noble dignitaries of those eras. As decorative as some of the suits of armor look, though, they are all fully functional and will provide you with all the defense you could want, whether you are participating in an SCA reenactment or a traditional LARP battle! You can also even wear them as costume pieces, just to give yourself the look of a true knight from the middle ages. And the best part is that we have a full suit of armor for every budget, ensuring that young squires can afford to get a set of armor that will keep them alive in battle, while fully-fledged knights and nobles can have the armor that befits their personal status and rank. So if you are looking for a metal full suit of armor to wear, then you will be happy to know that we offer just what you are looking for here at Dark Knight Armoury.


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