Louis Medium Belt Bag

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Be you a knight, scholar, or artisan, the Louis Medium Belt Bag is perfect for storing the tools of your trade along with concealing modern gadgetry. No matter when or where your journey takes you, this bag ensures you fit right in. With every stitch sewn by hand, this leather bag follows a traditional design that matches a wide variety of roles. A single leather strap secures its flap opening. Elaborate stitching highlights the seams. Two wide loops in the back slide easily over your belt. Thanks to the Louis Medium Belt Bag, you will never be without the proper tools when on a noble quest.

Please note that this is a natural product, so minor variations in color and texture may exist.

Key Features:

  • Crafted and stitched by hand
  • Closed by looping the front strap
  • Fitted with two belt loops for easy attachment
  • Offers convenient storage for LARP and reenactment


  • Made from upper leather

HeightWidthDepth Belt Loop
One Size5.9 inches7.1 inches2.4 inches1.9 inches

1 review for Louis Medium Belt Bag

  1. drake.sunryder (verified owner)

    A finely made leather pouch. There isn’t much to say about the material and construction except that it’s well-made and the leather feels tough and sturdy. What /can/ be said, however, about the design is that I personally feel that the strap-in-loop style of fastening is far superior to the buckle-style fasteners you see on other pouches. Buckles are pretty, but in most cases where you’re out LARPing or wearing it to store stuff for one reason or another, buckles only make it take longer to access the contents and difficult, even, if you’re wearing gloves. By removing the buckle and utilizing this style of closure, it’s much easier to open and close the pouch. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to buckle-closed pouches after this. Highly, highly recommended.

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