LARP Swords

Now that you have an LARP shield and LARP leather armour for protection, you should have a good and durable LARP sword. All our LARP swords are very affordable and the best on the LARP market. We carry LARP swords that include claymore swords, short swords, long swords, LARP Knight swords, Paladin Swords, and LARP medieval swords. We have LARP swords with dark designs like demons and skulls and some with intricate designs like Celtic and Elven scripts. Many of our LARP swords come in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs. All LARP swords have fiber capped core wrapped in latex foam and finish by authentic color shadings. These LARP swords look very real to medieval swords but safe enough to be used by children and practiced with during reenactments.


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