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In a helmet, the top of your head can be a very sensitive spot. After all, the whole weight of the helm, be it steel or leather, is sitting there! This Padded Helmet Cap is the perfect way to improve the fit and comfort factor of almost any helmet. This arming cap is similar to a more modern beanie cap in design, but is made entirely from heavier, padded fabric. This padded design ensures that when worn with a helmet, it helps to keep the metal (or leather) away from your skin, while also adding a layer of padding between you and armor head protection. Not only will this improve the fit of your helmet when needed, but it will also add cushioning to any stray sword-blow or axe-strike that might catch you on the helmet, too! With its variant design, this Padded Helmet Cap pairs perfectly with spangenhelms, Norman helms, and skull caps, adding in a layer of protection and comfortable padding that might be missing from such similarly styled helmets.

Key Features:

  • Great for Improving the Fit of a Helmet
  • Makes Wearing Helmet Much More Comfortable
  • Provides Cushioning From Blows in Reenactments
  • Covers The Top of the Head Like a Cap


  • Made from Cotton

Cap Height Cap Depth Interior Circumference
One Size 9 inches 9.5 inches 27.5 inches


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