Padded Gambesons

The Medieval gambeson is a type of xv century defensive jacket that was traditionally worn by Medieval knights and men-at-arms during the Middle Ages. Warriors favored the gambeson primarily as a source of armor padding which is worn under their armor — much like a padded jacket —  to ensure that the steel or leather plates did not rub and chafe uncomfortably during hours of movement and use.

Find your perfect medieval gambeson at Dark Knight Armoury

Dark Knight Armoury’s wide selection of Medieval gambesons performs the exact same function as their historical counterparts. These gambesons can be worn with steel or leather armor. The gambeson helps to reduce the pinching and chaffing of both types of armor. These medieval gambesons are also great looking, and many of them can be worn alone as quilted armour. The gambeson comes in a variety of styles and colors, from plain, undecorated gambesons that are fit for any knight, warrior, or soldier, to decorated yet functional gambesons with buckles that are fit for kings and outlaws.

We have gambesons that have no sleeves, short sleeves, detachable sleeves and full sleeves, ensuring that no matter what type of gambeson you need, Dark Knight Armoury has it available. If you need padding for your chainmail armor or if you prefer to wear padded armor, then the gambeson armor is just what you need. You will fit snugly into your leather or steel armor and you will look rather authentic, not to mention pretty cool to boot.


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