Early Gambeson



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It was always possible to drive the point of a weapon through the rings of a mail shirt or shear it with a good cut. This often drove the damaged rings deep into the wound. Even if the blow did not cut the mail, the blunt trauma alone was enough to break bone and damage internal organs. A thick, padded garment worn under a mail shirt greatly reduced the risk of these types of injuries. Our gambeson is of a type worn from the early Middle Ages well on through the Renaissance. The Early Gambeson is also typically worn under plate armour to prevent the armour from pinching your skin when in motion.

Key Features:

  • Top Quality Garment
  • Great for Medieval and Renaissance Fairs
  • Makes wearing Chainmail and Plate Armour more comfortable
  • A basic style that will go with any Medieval outfit

Chest Waist Overall Length Sleeve Length Shoulder Width
Medium 46 inches 48 inches 33 inches 22.5 inches 19.25 inches
Large 50 inches 55 inches 33 inches 23.5 inches 21 inches
X-Large 54 inches 60 inches 33 inches 24 inches 23 inches


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