Early Scottish Kilt


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Colors and designs of the plaids used for early kilts conveyed no specific meaning, not until the 18th Century. At one point in time the higher classes showed off their means with the number of extra colors their kilts displayed. This method of communicating the wearers place in the social structure soon grew out of fashion and folks began wearing whatever they wanted. Kilts were originally pleated on the floor before being tied around the waist. We have made this attractive kilt easier for you to put on by sewing in the pleats. Looks great on lads and lasses. The kilt is made in acrylic fiber fabric and is offered in two tartan options, camel and navy or red and green. Dry clean only.

Key Features:

  • Top Quality Garment, Very Authentic Look
  • Made from 100 percent acrylic fiber fabric
  • Great for Medieval and Renaissance Fairs
  • Two Traditional Plaids Available
  • A Kilt is a must for any Lad!

WaistOverall Length
Small28-30 inches22.5 inches
Medium32-34 inches22.5 inches
Large36-39 inches22.5 inches
X-Large42-44 inches22.5 inches


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