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You feel a disturbance on this planet, calling you to once again take up your weapon and defend the powerless from the powerful. The Luke Robes offer a fantastic look inspired by the traditional robes worn by Jedi Knights in the Star Wars universe. These long-sleeved robes are made from a textured cotton in a rich brown hue. They hang open over the rest of your Jedi apparel, serving as a great outer layer. The ample hood, roomy sleeves, and ankle-length design allow ease of movement while providing excellent coverage while you explore foreign planets. This cotton robe feels nice to the touch and is heavy enough to drape well. The fabric has a slightly rough texture and can be waterproofed by the wearer, if desired. This item is ideal for a LARP event or costume party.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the traditional Jedi attire
  • Has a deep hood and long sleeves
  • Can be waterproofed by wearer, if desired
  • Perfect for LARPing or costume parties


  • Made from cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash warm. Wash separately the first time and with similar colors afterwards. Tumble dry low, but be aware that robes might shrink up to 5 percent.

Chest Overall Length Sleeve Length Hood Height Hood Depth
X-Small/Small 31.5 inches 53.1 inches 19.7 inches 19.7 inches 15.7 inches
Medium/Large 39.4 inches 57.1 inches 20.1 inches 21.7 inches 17.7 inches
X-Large/XX-Large 47.2 inches 59 inches 20.1 inches 23.6 inches 19.7 inches


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