Elven Hooded Cloak


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Do not let the frigid air of the changing seasons keep you from patrolling the borders of the woodland. No mortal shall set foot upon this sacred realm. While wearing the Elven Hooded Cloak you will make sure this oath holds true. The roomy hood allows you to shield your features from the unwise human who ventures too close. Embroidered elven symbols trail down the front. The long cloak reaches to about mid-calf. The cotton twill fabric of the hooded cloak protects its wearer from the harsh elements of nature. An inner layer of light cotton provides extra warmth and durability. Tie strings secure the cloak at the neck.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by high fantasy tales of elves
  • Features a long cape with hood
  • Reinforced with an inner lining of cotton
  • Embellished with Elven embroidery
  • Secured at the neck with tie strings


  • Made from cotton twill fabric
  • Inner lining is light cotton

Overall LengthNeck
Small43 inches19 inches
Medium46 inches20 inches
Large/X-Large48 inches21 inches


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