Ateliers Nemesis LARP Swords & Weapons

Let Ateliers Nemesis LARP Swords & Weapons add immersion and inspiration to your live action roleplay experience. Based in Canada, these LARPsmiths handcraft high end LARP weapons with a focus on detail, durability, superior handling, and, of course, safety. Innovative construction processes and realistic detail make their LARP swords and more a must-have for the discerning LARPER.

With craftspeople experienced in costuming, cinematic prop and set building, and leatherworking, Ateliers Nemesis provides LARP weapons that make your experience on the LARP battlefield that much more in character. Firstly, careful detail grounds their designs, as they are made to look like the real thing. Their unique counter balancing gives weight to their hilts for a realistic point of balance. This provides a natural handling when wielded. Their sturdy, shred resistant blades surround strong yet flexible cores. Thus, they can even be used to parry in LARP battle.

Historical research informs many of their designs. Even their fantasy styles take inspiration from history and elevate iconic and known fantasy tropes. From knights to necromancers, find something for every LARPer here among our Ateliers Nemesis LARP Swords & Weapons. Shop these medieval fantasy and Renaissance LARP weapons here, as well as LARP accessories like leather scabbards that will add even more convenience and immersion to your live action roleplay experience.


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