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We offer tons of LARP gear, from several different manufacturers. And if you are, yourself, a connoisseur of fine LARP gear and happen to gravitate towards a specific manufacturer, then we have divided up our LARP weapons by manufacturer to ensure that you can find exactly what you are looking for, in record time. And if you are just beginning, here is an equally good place to begin; you will find a number of different weapons under each category, enough so that you can establish a starting opinion of any of our various LARP weapon manufacturers. Of course, all of our LARP weapons are great for live action role plays; they also serve more than efficiently when used as theatrical props, mock sword battles, and practice weapons. Many of our LARP weapons are made of latex and feature solid cores to ensure a sturdy yet flexible weapon that is both perfect for swinging but cushioned to prevent severe injury upon impact. And many of our LARP weapons are also child-safe; they make for great toys as well as a great way to introduce your child into LARPing events. So if you have a preference to a specific LARP manufacturer, browse to your hearts content here. And if you are new, then welcome, and feel free to browse until your blue in the face.

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