Epic Armoury LARP Swords & Weapons

If you are looking for our broadest selection of LARP weapons, then you will definitely want to check out our Epic Armoury LARP weapons section. Epic Armoury provides us with a staggering and utterly awesome array of LARP weapons from different periods and inspirations, so much so that here, you are bound to find a weapon that fits your need. Constructed from a fiberglass core wrapped in tough foam and strong latex, and capped with a Kevlar tip, all of our Epic Armoury LARP weapons are extremely durable; they will withstand the test when used during LARP games, or when used as practice weapons or even if used as a theater or movie prop. And whether you need medieval weapons, oriental weapons, or futuristic weapons, you will find them all here: we have LARP axes, LARP swords, LARP pole arms, and LARP shields, as well as several beautiful items that are fit for Steampunk-themed LARP games, or futuristic LARP games that require a more post-apocalyptic touch. If you are already a connoisseur of LARP weapons and Epic Armoury LARP weapons are your joy, then check them out here. And if you are new to all this then you cannot go wrong with something from our Epic Armoury.


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