Rawblade LARP Props and Weapons

Looking to get inspired for your next character or LARP event? Why not explore the Rawblade LARP Props and Weapons we have on offer? Our selection includes a variety of colorful and highly detailed pieces. Every piece is latex-free, ensuring less maintenance and worry.

Rawblade is a Spanish company that specializes in weapons without inner cores. When a weapon does not have an inner core, it is usually safe for throwing in LARP combat. The LARP props and daggers on offer can work as your character’s primary weapon or as an addition to your gear. Foam potion bottles and vials are ideal items to carry for multiple characters, such as alchemists, healers, and assassins. Such foam items are often more acceptable than their commonly glass counterparts when it comes to the LARP battlefield.

Here you are sure to find a LARP weapon that will suit you, no matter if you cosplay as your favorite pop-culture character or as an original one of your own. Each prop is highly detailed and richly colored. Some items are fiery red, while others are vibrant purple or lurid green. Their designs will draw and capture anyone’s attention. Stop and check out our Rawblade LARP Props and Weapons before you attend your next event or create your next character.


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