Bloodwalker Armour Set


Bloodwalker Leather Hood


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Bloodwalker Helmet

Bloodwalker Mask


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Bloodwalker Cuirass

Bloodwalker Spiked Pauldron


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Bloodwalker Skull Pauldron


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Bloodwalker Leather Sleeves


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Bloodwalker Bracers


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Bloodwalker Gauntlets


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Bloodwalker Broad Belt

Bloodwalker Tassets


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Bloodwalker Greaves


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Bloodwalker Pouch


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Bring dark devastation to the battlefield with the Bloodwalker Armour Set. This complete set grants you the entire Bloodwalker look, from helmet and hood down to the greaves. From blood mage to orc warlord, this armour kit is perfect for those characters and more.

Dyed in deep red and black, the pieces of this leather suit of armour look like they wear the evidence of your dark deeds. A unique patina gives the leather an antiqued, weathered appearance. Then, intentional slashes, sanding, and varnishing, as well as irregularities in the leather add to its rugged look. Antique brass-plated rivets throughout reinforce both the structure of the armour and the battle-tested appearance.

This fantasy armour set includes all parts of the Bloodwalker armour with the Bloodwalker Cuirass as its base. This includes the two different pauldrons as well as mask, hood, and helmet. Highly modular, you can mix and match the pieces with the rest of your existing kit, or wear it all together for maximum matching intimidation at your next LARP or Renaissance faire.

Become a wicked warlock, necromancer, or bloody barbarian for your next fantasy battle wearing the Bloodwalker Armour Set. This LARP armour set will up your intimidation on the field and leave your foes cowering in fear before you even strike!

Key Features:

  • Includes all pieces of the Bloodwalker Armour Set
  • Perfect for dark mages, warlocks, orcs, and more
  • Features a unique battle weathered look
  • Versatile armour can be worn all together or in part
  • Great for LARP, Renaissance faires, and costume use

Here is What You Get:

  • Bloodwalker Leather Hood #RT-481
  • Bloodwalker Helmet #RT-472
  • Bloodwalker Mask #RT-480
  • Bloodwalker Cuirass #RT-475
  • Bloodwalker Spiked Pauldron #RT-478
  • Bloodwalker Skull Pauldron #RT-482
  • Bloodwalker Leather Sleeves #RT-476
  • Bloodwalker Bracers #RT-474
  • Bloodwalker Gauntlets #RT-470
  • Bloodwalker Broad Belt #RT-477
  • Bloodwalker Tassets #RT-471
  • Bloodwalker Greaves #RT-469
  • Bloodwalker Pouch #RT-473


  • Made of leather with antique brass-plated fittings

Sizing & Measurements:

  • Bloodwalker Leather Hood
    • Hood Height: 15.7 Inches
    • Hood Inner Depth: 10.2 Inches
    • Hood Outer Depth: 15.7 Inches
    • Front and Back Overall Length: 27.5 Inches
    • Front and Back Length from Shoulder: 11.8 Inches
  • Bloodwalker Helmet:
    • Medium: Head Circumference – 22-23 Inches
    • Large: Head Circumference: 23-234 Inches
  • Bloodwalker Mask
    • Height: 5.9 Inches
    • Width: 7.8 Inches
  • Bloodwalker Cuirass:
    • Medium: Chest Circumference – 32-38 Inches
    • Large: Chest Circumference – 38-44 Inches
    • X-Large: Chest Circumference – 44-50 Inches
    • XX-Large: Chest Circumference – 50-56 Inches
  • Bloodwalker Spiked Pauldron
    • Upper Width: 11 Inches
    • Lower Width: 7 Inches
    • Overall Length: 13.7 Inches
    • Arm Circumference: 13.7 – 17.7 Inches
  • Bloodwalker Skull Pauldron
    • Upper Width: 9.4 Inches
    • Lower Width: 7 Inches
    • Overall Length: 9.4 Inches
  • Bloodwalker Leather Sleeves
    • Circumference: 17.3 Inches
    • Overall Length from Shoulder: 12.5 Inches
  • Bloodwalker Broad Belt:
    • Medium: Waist Circumference – 32-38 Inches
    • Large: Waist Circumference – 38-44 Inches
    • X-Large: Waist Circumference – 44-450 Inches
    • XX-Large: Waist Circumference – 56-62 Inches
  • Bloodwalker Tassets
    • Overall Length: 12.9 Inches
    • Top Width: 9.8 Inches
    • Bottom Width: 5.9 Inches
    • Fits on Belts up to 4.7 Inches Wide
  • Bloodwalker Greaves
    • Overall Length: 19.6 Inches
    • Calf Circumference: 12.2 – 20.4 Inches
    • Ankle Circumference: 9.4 – 16.5 Inches
  • Bloodwalker Pouch
    • Height: 7 Inches
    • Width: 5.9 Inches
    • Depth: 3.14 Inches
    • Interior Depth: 2.7 Inches
    • Fits Belts Up To 2.3 Inches Wide


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