Osric Viking Warrior Outfit

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Osric Leather Brigandine

Regardless of setting or role, your LARP character will benefit from the defense and mobility offered by the Osric Leather Brigandine. This armour is modeled after the plated coats worn by various warriors throughout the Middle Ages.

Henning Steel Spangenhelm

Marching towards battle with the Henning Steel Spangenhelm on your head, you summon your courage and prepare to meet your fate on the battlefield. This handcrafted steel helmet is inspired by styles popular in the Early Middle Ages.

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Butted Chainmail Haubergeon

With comprehensive coverage, chainmail armour provides great defense for any warrior, whether Viking, Crusader, or fantasy knight. Be sure your enemy has no easy openings to stab through by wearing the Butted Chainmail Haubergeon.

Torson Leather Bracers

Soon, the battle will rage. But in the calm before the chaos, you carefully prepare yourself for the fight. The Torson Leather Bracers, adorned with the ancient runes of your people, will protect your forearms in the coming brawl.

Godwin Wool Tunic

A staple in any historic wardrobe, you can never go wrong with good tunics like the Godwin Wool Tunic. The short sleeves makes this versatile garment easy to wear with a variety of outfits, particularly for more wintery looks.

Gadaric Canvas Tunic

Worn since the times of the Romans, the tunic remained a popular garment up through the late medieval period. The Gadaric Canvas Tunic features a traditional design that is perfect for wearing alone or with a gambeson and armor.

Ketill Canvas Pants

Inspired by the Rus pants of the Vikings, the Ketill Canvas Pants come in a pattern that allows excellent freedom of movement. These baggy trousers fit loosely around the waist and upper leg before snugging tightly around the calf.

Bron Canvas Hood – optional

When wearing a full length hooded cloak is just too much, add the Bron Canvas Hood to your medieval LARP outfits. Made of sturdy cotton, this hood is great for keeping the cold and damp away from your face without extra bulk.

Leopold Arming Cap – optional

The head is one of the most important parts of the body to keep safe, and protection like the Leopold Arming Cap is great for wearing under armour items, such as helmets and chainmail, for added comfort, safety, and fit.

Einar Belt – optional

A fantastic period accessory to add to your striking Renaissance fair or historical re-enactment apparel, the Einar Belt is crafted from leather uppers and brass. The leather belt was cut from a single piece of thick leather.

Tostig Belt Bag – optional

The intriguing puzzles and exciting challenges met in a LARP realm often require quick thinking. Whether you are a knight, wizard, or merchant, prepare for every situation by storing the tools of your trade in the Tostig Belt Bag.

Reuven LARP Knife Scabbard – optional

LARPing may be a lot safer for the warriors than fighting with steel weapons, but that does not mean that foam weapons cannot get damaged. Make sure your LARP knives are in good shape by keeping them in the Reuven LARP Knife Scabbard.

Heinrich Ankle Boots – optional

Stroll through a renaissance faire or traipse through an enchanted LARP forest in the proper footwear. Modeled after medieval footwear found in museum and period artwork, these Heinrich Ankle Boots lend authenticity to your roleplay.

Available on backorder

Imposing Vikings require armour that they can stand tall in and look even more impressive. Wear the Osric Viking Warrior Outfit to frighten any foes. This fantastic armor bundle includes multiple pieces of armour, clothing, and many optional accessories. With this bundle, you can create an awesome medieval or Viking look. Even better, you save 5 percent on all the items when purchasing this bundle. First, the Osric Leather Brigandine is the statement piece of this look. It covers the wearers torso and legs. The chainmail, helmet, and bracers add even more protection. The tunics and pants complete the look. They allow you to create a customized appearance with their wide range of colors and sizes.

Then, if you want to add even greater detail to your ensemble, add the optional accessories! They look amazing and make wonderful final touches. This Osric Viking Warrior Outfit is perfect for LARP battles, cosplay events, and reenactments.

Key Features:

  • Includes armour pieces and clothing
  • Multiple optional accessories to choose from
  • Easy way to get a customized Viking look
  • Save 5 percent on complete outfit
  • Great for LARP, reenactments, and faires

Here is what you get:

  • Osric Leather Brigandine #MY100537
  • Henning Steel Spangenhelm #MY100621
  • Butted Chainmail Haubergeon #HW-700589
  • Torson Leather Bracers #MY100588
  • Godwin Wool Tunic #MY100408
  • Gadaric Canvas Tunic #MY100108
  • Ketill Canvas Pants #MY100097

Optional Accessories:

  • Bron Canvas Hood #MY100263
  • Leopold Arming Cap #MY100410
  • Einar Belt #MY100156
  • Tostig Belt Bag #MY100553
  • Reuven LARP Knife Scabbard #MY100767
  • Heinrich Ankle Boots #MY100515


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