Torson Leather Bracers

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Soon, the battle will rage. But in the calm before the chaos, you carefully prepare yourself for the fight. The Torson Leather Bracers, adorned with the ancient runes of your people, will protect your forearms in the coming brawl. Handcrafted from high-quality leather, each bracer in this pair is subtly embossed with lines down its length and along its rune-decorated elbow and wrist cuffs. The angular, flared shape of the elbow lends additional protection to the design. Ideal for northern warriors or other hardy characters, these leather Viking bracers are secured via two leather buckled straps on their reverse that can be adjusted to fit closely to the forearms. The leather and brass details that make up each bracer are artfully antiqued for a look that is sure to suit most medieval and fantasy settings. Protect your arms during LARP skirmishes with these handmade bracers, or simply wear them to add detail to your Viking or fantasy costume.

As this item is handmade from natural materials, its appearance may vary slightly from what is shown.

Key Features:

  • Sold in sets of two
  • Stylish design angles outward to guard elbows
  • Decorative embossing features raised Futhark runes
  • Two adjustable buckled straps secure armour to arms
  • Antique finished leather and brass buckles for rugged appeal
  • Great for LARP or medieval, Viking, and fantasy armour costumes


  • Crafted from 7-8 oz. leather

Top Width Bottom Width Length Wrist Strap Forearm Strap
One Size 3.54 inches 1.97 inches 10.62 inches 7.68-10.24 inches 9.84-12.2 inches

1 review for Torson Leather Bracers

  1. luke.hoag (verified owner)

    The material is great, leather is beautiful and detailed. Comes with a nice fabric storage bag and care instructions. The only issue I have run across is the length of the straps. For anyone with skinny arms, the straps are perfect, but if you are like me and have muscles on your arms from training and handling weapons, they barely fit with the original straps. If you wanted to wear these over gambeson or any kind of under layer for a more authentic appearance, the straps will need to be replaced with something longer.

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