Great Swords

Great swords are infantry swords which cannot be used comfortably in a single-hand. The term “great-sword” has come to mean a form of long-sword that is still not the specialized weapons of later two-handed swords. While there is some overlap in terms as great swords are sometimes (correctly) called “two-handed swords”, it is not historically correct to refer to all “two-handed swords” as great swords. Great swords were for the most part scaled-up versions of the contemporary long-sword with size being the main distinction: both were considered war swords but the great sword could not be used with one hand. These were exclusively infantry weapons and could not be used in conjunction with a shield. While terms do overlap, it is certain that great swords usually sported longer, heavier blades. Even 18th century broad swords – the curved-blade variety, akin to a thick sabre – could be referred to as great swords, though the term is used nearly exclusively for straight two-handed swords of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Therefore, great sword is best regarded as a generic term, and it is important to remember that great is relative. Blade shapes ranged from “flat and wide” to “narrow and hexagonal” to “diamond shaped”. Great swords were capable of facing heavier weapons such as pole-arms and larger axes, and were devastating against light armour. Long, two-handed swords with narrower, flat hexagonal blades and thinner tips were an evolutionary response to plate-armour. Our Great swords can be used for display or for battle re-enactments, each reproduction is created to the specifications of the original. The dimensions and weight are accurate on every piece so you get a medieval weapon that is actually balanced and fun to hold instead of just pretty to look at. Medieval times were sometimes brutal, sometimes romantic, but always a source of intrigue. We invite you to share in the experience of an era past with our collection of Great swords. All our Great Swords are expertly hand-crafted and authentic replicas! You can display them in your office, home or for Medieval Reenactments.


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