Short Silver Wallace Sword


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The sword of William Wallace is, perhaps, one of the most famous arms of history thanks to the feature film Braveheart. This Short Silver Wallace Sword is designed around that, recreating a shorter form of the impressive claymore. The slight downsize on this claymores more typical shape makes this into a hand and a half sword, one perfectly effective in both one-handed and two-handed grips. The blade is made from stainless steel, and it has a leather-wrapped ricasso above the straight quillon guard, which allows for various grips of different styles, as well as for half-swording, should the situation call for it. The guard and the rounded, scent stopper pommel are made from silver cast metal, and the grip is wrapped in brown leather that matches the ricasso wrapping. Included with the sword is a brown leather sheath, which will keep the blade safe and secure when the weapon is not being displayed or worn at the side as a costume accessory. The appeal of this Short Silver Wallace Sword is hard to deny, as it will help anyone feel just like a war hero from the Highlands. Plus, it makes for a great decoration, either to hang at your waist when you go to a fair in historical dress or to hang on your wall when you have guests over so that they can admire one of films most memorable blades.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • A smaller version of a traditional claymore
  • Ricasso is wrapped to form a foregrip
  • Guard and pommel have a silver finish
  • Includes a brown sheath for easy storage
  • Great for costuming, collecting, and display


  • Blade is made of stainless steel
  • Handle and ricasso are wrapped in leather
  • Pommel and guard are made of silver cast metal
  • Sheath is made of leather


  • Overall Length: 40 Inches
  • Blade Length: 29 Inches


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