Scottish & Celtic Swords

Inspired by weapons wielded by the Scots and Celts throughout history, the Celtic and Scottish swords that we carry come from some of the top manufacturers around the world. Our Scottish claymores, Celtic short swords, Scottish cutlasses, and basket-hilt swords provide plenty of options for collectors and reenactors. The term claymore refers to large, two-handed swords used in the medieval period as well as large basket-hilted swords issued to Scottish troops in the 18th century. Its strength and size made it one of the most prominent weapons wielded by the Scottish clans. Today, it stands as a great symbol of Scottish heritage. We offer both functional and decorative Scottish and Celtic swords here. Whether you are looking for a William Wallace sword or a Celtic sword that could have been carried by the fierce Boudicca, you can find excellent options among our inventory.


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