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We do not sow – Greyjoy. As high as honor – Arryn. Family, duty, honor – Tully. Growing Strong – Tyrell. These are the words and names of the other noble houses in Westeros. And while not always in the forefront of the plot of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, they are often still present and still important to the story. We have gathered all we have of theirs here, in our Shop for All Other Houses section. Here in this section you will find shirts, coasters, book-marks, glassware, home decor and more, all marked with the sigils, the words, and the characters of the other noble houses of Westeros. The Greyjoy Kraken appears here, as does the Arryn falcon, the Martell spear, and the Tyrell flower. No matter what house you might favor in Westeros, you can rest assured that you are likely to find their emblem here, represented in some form. And that makes it easy for you to show your support for any of these noble houses in your home and your life. So take some time and see what you can find here in the Shop for All Other Houses section, and maybe show some support for another of the many great houses and families that call Westeros home.


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