Valar Morghulis Necklace


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The pendant on this Valar Morghulis Necklace is not a coin for buying things, but rather denotes association with the organization of the Faceless Men. It is crafted out of stainless steel and it comes complete with a matching chain. On one side of the pendant is a hooded figure with an indistinct face. Depending on the light, he may seem to change colors. Inscriptions on the reverse side display the VDVM monogram in the center, surrounded by the words of this assassins guild, Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris. This piece would be instantly recognizable by any person from Braavos, and it makes an excellent collectors item or gift idea too!

Please note that because the coins are struck, they may vary, slightly, from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Fully licensed Game of Thrones product
  • Authentically struck, like the coins of old
  • Includes a cable chain with clasp
  • Fully detailed and brilliant to look at
  • Great all-around collectible or gift idea


  • Pendant and chain made of solid stainless steel


  • Diameter: 1.06 Inches
  • Weight: 5.0 grams
  • Includes a 30 Inch chain


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