Leather Leg Armor

Armoring your legs before you head into battle is a very important thing. Why, you might ask? Because nothing will stop a warrior faster than when they have their legs cut right out from under them. That is why Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of leather leg armor, to help keep any warriors legs properly protected, as well as nicely styled. Leather leg armor can consist of many pieces, and that is why we carry such a wide variety, ensuring that every warrior can be just as protected as they want, while still featuring the exact look and style that they wish. We offer full leg armor that virtually provides the utmost protection you could possibly want for your legs, as well as a great selection of greaves that provide protection to your lower legs and calves, ensuring that you are protected yet still light and mobile. We also have a selection of cuisse, thigh armor, and tassets, for providing that added touch of protection to your upper legs, along with the rarely seen sabatons that will offer great protection to your feet. Much of our leg armor is crafted from either 13-15 oz armor grade leather or from lighter 7-8 oz leather that is perfect for use in LARP battles. Some of it is also custom-made, which means that it will fit your measurements and provide a quality fit and a high degree of protection, just like good medieval leg armor should! What else could reenactors want, other than a good set of leather leg armor from Dark Knight Armoury? What is that? Low costs? We have that too, and that is why we are one of the best leather armorers around!


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