Albrecht Greaves


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Keep your shins safe with our Albrecht Greaves. Made from leather naturally tanned for an authentic look, each medieval armour piece features four segments connected with grommets, giving this set its layered appearance. Greaves are an essential part of any armour set, so add these high-quality leather greaves to your medieval-inspired ensembles or other historical reenactment costumes. They are intended to be fastened to the back of the lower leg with three adjustable straps which are secured with buckles.

Looking for the matching pieces of this armour? Create the complete look with our Albrecht Armour Set (ARMOUR-L1), which includes the Albrecht Greaves alongside the other pieces of this armour set.

Please note that this is a natural product, so minor variations in color and texture may exist.

Key Features:

  • Sold in sets of two
  • Naturally tanned for an authentic look
  • Fashioned from four segments
  • Fastens in the back with three adjustable buckle straps
  • Great for wearing with any medieval or Renaissance outfit
  • Excellent for LARP usage or light reenactment


  • Crafted from 7-8 oz. upper leather

LengthCalf WidthAnkle WidthCalf CircumferenceAnkle Circumference
One Size10 inches10.5 inches9.25 inches11.5-17.5 inches11-16.5 inches


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