Leather Gorgets

A leather gorget is a great piece of authentic medieval armor, as well as a fantastic protection that will help ward off blows that might slip through to your neck or collar. But more importantly then that, the gorgets at Dark Knight Armoury are also a great piece to include in any armor set, for reasons of both protection and versatility. Now, if that word strikes a chord in you, you might be wondering how a gorget can be versatile. Well, we will tell you. Above and beyond providing additional protection, a gorget can also act as a harness, as many feature added buckles and bands that are perfect for providing support to a variety of different armor pieces. This means that some gorgets give you the option of wearing pauldrons. Others possess unique features, like full neck protection or bevors that work wonders for keeping you, your neck, and your shoulder even safer from harm than before. Many of our gorgets are crafted from 13-15 oz leather, which meets SCA standards for leather armor, making it a solid and sturdy piece that is every bit as protective as it sounds. To put on a gorget, you typically put it on backwards, with the lacing or buckles in the front, and turn it around once it is secure. Pair one of our simple leather gorgets with any suit of leather armor to provide that added bit of protection that every warrior should have, or wear one of Dark Knight Armourys more visually complex and stylized fantasy gorgets to help create a style and a look that is both highly protective and totally impressive.


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