SCA Style Leather Gorget



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This gorget provides 360 degrees of neck protection and laces at the back of the neck where it overlaps itself. Designed to follow the natural contour of the neck and shoulder. The mantle is constructed from medium weight 7/8 oz. leather and the collar from heavy 13/15 oz. leather. This gorget meets SCA standards. Please include neck circumference measurement when ordering. It is available in black, brown, red, green, or blue.

Because of how the gorget fastens, make sure you add 1 Inch to your measurement, to ensure the gorget overlaps in the back.

Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Top Quality Leather
  • Provides great protection for the shoulder, collar bone, and neck
  • Can be used in SCA or LARP


  • Our Gorget is custom made to your size. Please select your neck circumference.
  • Average Neck Height is 1.75 Inches


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