Large Knife and Spike Cutlery Set


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Keep your meal from squirming away using our Large Knife and Spike Cutlery Set. These carbon steel utensils are as functional as they are decorative. Featured here is a blade for slicing and a spike for pinning your meal down. That should cover all your bases when handling your next meal. These cutlery items feature three different finishes ranging from wood, horn, and bone. Included with this set is a leather case which makes these utensils safe and easy to transport and use. Meat is the primary focus of these blades, but they surely can cut through just about anything you want to meal on. A great addition to a variety of costumes and outfits, these unique cutlery items are a must-have for the adventurer with an appetite for destruction.

Key Features:

  • Design inspired by a traditional medieval knife and spike
  • Finishes include wood, horn, and bone
  • Includes a leather case
  • Practical use meant for a variety of meals


  • Made from carbon steel


  • Knife Length: 9.76 Inches
  • Spike Length: 9.25 Inches


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