Medieval Plates & Cutlery

We offer a selection of medieval feastware so that you can eat at the medieval fair or design your wedding with a medieval theme. We carry medieval plates, medieval cutlery, and medieval dishes. Cutlery is a fancy word for silverware or flatware during the medieval times, which includes forks, knives and spoons. People during the Middle Ages primarily used their fingers to eat with. If there was a knife on the table, it was shared with the rest of the family. Table knives didn’t come around until about the 16th century. Prior to that, men used pocket knives, daggers, or whatever they may have been carrying on their person at the time. Many medieval families may have had a couple of pieces of cutlery in their possession. It was often considered too fancy to be used on a regular basis and was kept in a drawer or put away for special occasion. Here you will find all sorts of medieval plates and cutlery for a variety of uses and in varied styles, ranging from bowls made of horn to wrought iron cutlery sets.


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