Large Spiral Feasting Knife

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Feastware does not always have to be fancy, although that does not stop this tried and true knife from showing off a bit of fine detailing. The Large Spiral Feasting Knife features hardy, rugged construction and a form fit for any noble to use when eating. The rugged and tough look comes from this knife being forged entirely from carbon steel, and its final finish, darkened like forged metal, only maintains its hardy appeal as a working piece of medieval history. The wide, curved blade features plenty of edge for cutting meats and dishes of all sorts, while the point allows the owner to spear, pierce, and stab as much as needed at the table. The knife lacks a hilt, and instead, the overly long tang is boldly twisted around and curled over, to create a broad handle for easy and efficient handling. It also measures approximately 8 inches long, making it plenty large enough for use as a dinner knife. So if you are going for a complete medieval experience, you need not skimp on the feasting accessories, because this Large Spiral Feasting Knife will let you enjoy your food with real medieval flare.

Key Features:

  • Crafted Entirely in Carbon Steel
  • A Classic Medieval Feasting Utensil
  • Features a Broad Blade and a Fine Point
  • Broad Tang Serves as the Knife Handle
  • A Great Collectible and a Fine Medieval Feasting Utensil


  • Length: 8 Inches


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